What Others Say

Lower back and Hip Pain I generally see Dr. Hurst for slight adjustments. Recently, with my allergies and asthma my lower back went out with all the coughing that occurred. I don't waste time with doctors. If I have a problem with my spine or hips, I always see Dr. Hurst first. I try to be proactive and take Dr. Hurst's advice. The end result is being painfree. The staff is professional and courteous. I like the fact you can get me in when I really need an adjustment. The office is clean, organized, professional. I would recommend you to everyone. Life is to short to suffer. Take care of your spine and you can enjoy life a bit more.

Donna M.

Hip and Leg Pain When I came to Dr. Hurst I had been having burning and stinging pain in my hips and legs for about two years. Pain traveled all the way down both legs. It was worse at night and I couldn't lie on my sides without pain so I didn't sleep well. I could only stand comfortably or about an hour. I avoided walking and playing golf with my husband because of the pain.

My medical doctor thought I might have peripheral neuropathy and prescribed medication and gave me monthly B12 shots. After a year I still wasn't getting better.

Dr. Hurst started working on my back and muscles. I got good relief within a couple of weeks. After 8 treatments I feel 85% better. Now I sleep well and take less medication.

I have received excellent, professional care that has been prompt and courteous.

Tillie S.

Arm Pain When I came to Dr. Hurst's office my left hand and arm were going numb. I had severe pain going into my right arm and upper and mid back. Pain was so bad I couldn't sleep. Dr. Hurst diagnosed pinched nerves in my neck. The pain killed to take off my T-shirts. Before seeing anybody else I came here.

My results have been great. Everyone treated me great. Because my pain is gone I can sleep now.

Robert B.

Low Back Pain
I first began seeing Dr. Hurst years ago for a shoulder problem. He x-rayed my back and found that my lumbar joints are damaged from lifting, so he has treated me for that. Treatment relieved my back pain. At age 81, I am still able to do my yardwork and housework because he keeps my back in good condition.

Marcelle C.

Chronic Neck and Back Pain
I had been having neck and back pain for 4 or 5 years. My neck hurt every day. Headaches traveled from my upper neck to my temples and forehead. I would get a burning and tingling between my shoulder blades. They had begun to wake me up at night. My lower back was constantly stiff. All the Advil I was taking didn't help much. My left shoulder hurt when I raised it.

Right away with starting treatment I began sleeping better. I have very little pain. And it's much easier to get moving into mornings now. I even have have a higher energy level throughout the day and into the evening. I can raise my arm without pain. I'm using much less Advil! My wife noticed that my mood has improved since since I'm not in so much pain and have more energy.

Robert P.