What Others Say

Low Back Pain Most mornings for the past five years I woke up with pain. Sometimes it was so bad I couldn't bend. Achiness and stiffness was throughout my middle and lower back. Since starting care, I feel great! No more morning back pain. I can't get over how much better I feel now. I never knew shat it's like not to hurt in my lower back. I think it's wonderful how much you can help people.


Migraine Headaches, Arm Numbness, Hip Pain I came to Lakeland Chiropractic because I was having ongoing migraine headaches and numbness in my left arm. I also had back pain into my left hip. I had been to medical doctors and had x-rays. I was taking medication but my headaches continued. I had even tried acupuncture and massage.

Since I have seen Dr. Hurst I have gotten lasting freedom from pain plus more energy. Upon arrival I was convinced that I would have to live with pain. Since beginning treatment I haave been 90% free of pain and 100% free of numbness.

Besides feeling so much better I especially like the thuroughness of the care I received. The staff was excellent, understanding and professional.

Maxine P.

Chronic Headaches I had frequent headaches for about six years. They came on about three to four times a week. With medication I was able to tolerate the pain but I had no energy to do anything.

I have always been a little skeptical of chiropractic but have come to believe. I've been helped with my headaches through your therapy.

One of the pleasures of coming here is the pleasantness of the staff and the fact that I am being relieved of my headache problem.

Jack R.

Leg Pain When I came to Dr. Hurst, my entire body ached but especially my legs and lower back. I had trouble climbing stairs and just walking. Pain traveled into my left hip and down the side of my leg. I had fallen on ice and thought that was the cause. I had been in pain for approximately seven months. I already had x-rays and MRIs of my low back and hips. They showed disc thinning and arthritis in my lower back but not in the hips. I wasn't making progress with the chiropractor I had been seeing. Friends recommended I see Dr. Hurst.

Dr. Hurst took the time to look into areas other than just my back in order to find the cause of my overall aches. He succeeded in that attempt and the aches have completely disappeared. I had a miraculous recovery! Neither my legs nor back hurt at all now.

The staff treated me with respect, concern and friendship and the utmost efficiency. Going to Lakeland Chiropractic was a truly wonderful experience.

I have been able to get off a bad medication and Dr. Hurst taught me proper stretches. I am able to go through the day completely pain free. All of this has helped me feel younger and happier, and that's a wonderful thing.


Chronic Headaches, Neck Pain My friends at Lakeland Chiropractic changed my idea about Chiropractic. I have arthritis in my neck. For years I would get headaches by just looking up. My family doctor told me not to have a Chiropractor touch my neck. But the doctors at Lakeland thought they could help me and do it safely. My neck rarely causes headaches now. I love the friendliness and appointments were always easy to fit my schedule.