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Auto Injury

Being injured in an auto accident is a hassle in many ways. Not only are you hurting but you may have to deal with an insurance company that seems to be part of the problem rather than part of the solution. We understand that and want to make your road to recovery as quick, complete and worryfree as possible. We are used to working with insurance companies. When needed we can refer you to an attorney who will be an advocate and protect your rights.

Common symptoms Whiplash and neck pain are the most common. Because of the rich network of nerves in the neck, headaches, dizziness, and arm pain or numbness are usually present. Surprisingly low back pain is also very common. Because your brain can also get jiggled, having symptoms like trouble concentrating, fogginess, or poor memory. Some symptoms may be present right away. Others may develop over days or weeks.

Usually it's the soft tissues that are injured....the muscles, ligaments, and discs. Insurance adjusters or opposing attorneys may down play the significance of your injury because it's "only" a soft tissue injury. But the reality is, it's the muscles, ligaments and discs that support and move your neck. How they heal is vital to your future comfort and enjoyment of life.

How chiropractic helps During the healing process the injured soft tissues are patched with fibrous tissue. Your body will try to remodel this patch back to normal tissue. How successful this process is depends on the severity of the damage and the movement and alignment of your neck. Poor remodeling leaves this fibrous scar tissue behind which is weaker and less flexible than normal tissue and contributes to problems later in life.

Chiropractic care is aimed at restoring movement and alignment aiding in the healing process and reducing irritation of injured nerves. We use a variety of methods depending on the extent of injury.

For more information request our Auto Accident special report. Or your can use the "Ask the expert" link to the right if you have an immediate question.