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Low Back Pain

While pain is what motivates people to seek care, pain is not the problem. It is a symptom of the problem. It is important to remember that masking the pain and ignoring the cause can lead to bigger problems later. Once you have injured your back, your risk of injuring it again increases three fold. If you injure it a second time your chances of a third episode increase 10 times. So getting started right is important. Choosing your doctor can have a dramatic effect on the course of care as shown from the study below.

When you feel improvement with chiropractic care, it is because you are better, not because pain has been masked. Your spine is functioning better, moving and working like it is intended. Anti-inflammatories may alleviate pain and swelling but don't do a thing for improving function.

We use a variety of methods to improve spinal alignment and functioning. We don't believe on method works for all patients anymore than one pain reliever works for all. When discs are bulging or herniated, our preferred method is spinal decompression. Most discs will heal without the need for surgery. If facet joints are jammed we may use manual or instrument adjusting methods. When spinal alignment is an issue we use spinal orthotics to retrain muscles and ligaments allowing improved alignment and posture.

For more information request our special report on Low Back Pain or use the "Ask the expert" link to the right.