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Research and Articles on Low Back Pain

Lumbar curve rehabilitation for pain superior to exercises and heat. Journal abstract. Two groups of patients with chronic mechanical lower back pain were followed. Both did stretching exercises and used infrared heat. Only one group had special tractioning to increase the forward curve in their lower back. At the end of treatment the stretching and heat group reported 43% reduction in pain and at three months after treatment reported 25% reduction in pain. They lost some of their improvement. At the end of treatment the stretching, heat and traction group reported 63% decrease in pain and at three months after treatment report a 77% decrease in pain. This group continued to improve. At the end of treatment the stretching and heat group had no improvement in their lumbar curve while the traction group had their curves improve 50%.

Treatment of multiple lumbar disc herniations using flexion-distraction decompression and chiropractic care. Journal abstract. This report discusses successful treatment of a patient with multiple disc herniations without surgery.

Treatment of a prolasped lumbar disc with a loose fragment using flexion-distraction decompression technique. Journal abstract. This article reports on non-surgical treatment of a herniated disc where a part of the disc has become separated from the main disc.

Risk of lumbar spine surgery depends of the the type of doctor seen. Journal abstract. If you have injured your lower back the risk of surgery is strongly associated with the first doctor you see. Only 1.5% of patients who saw a chiropractor first had surgery while 42.7% of patients who saw surgeon first had surgery.

Adding chiropractic care to medical care improves recovery. Journal abstract. The medical journal Spine reports adding chiropractic care to standard medical treatment "offers a significant advantage for decreasing pain and improving physical functioning when compared to only standard (medical) care for men and women between 18 and 55 years of age with acute LBP (low back pain)." If you are experiencing lower back pain and wondering if chiropractic could help you, this is your answer.

Spinal decompression relieve pain after back surgery. Journal abstract. The journal on Manipulative and Physiological Therapeutics reports on a group of patients with continuing back pain after surgery. They were treated with spinal decompression of the type used in our office. Most got 40 to nearly 60% relief in pain. Interestingly those that received the most relief had more then one type of surgery, lumbar discectomy, fusion and or laminectomy. No patient got worse.