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Care for Neck and Arm Pain

Identify the cause We begin by listening to you. A good history is the first step in understanding the cause of your problem. Then we move on the a thorough chiropractic, orthopedic and neurological exam. These tests are aimed at determining where the pain or numbness is coming from, nerves, joints, muscles, or ligaments. If warranted we may take spinal x-rays to determine what structural or alignment changes are present. X-rays can also reveal the effects of past injury.

The treatment Treatment of course varies with the conditions and their causes. To restore normal vertebral movement we would adjust the spine. To improve spinal alignment and posture we would give home exercises and spinal orthotics to retrain muscles and ligaments. For overly tight muscles, some form of therapeutic massage is done to reduce pain, relax muscles and improve circulation. Many care plans incorporate more than one type of treatment.

What you can do A big part of helping yourself is to stop bad posture habits and practice good posture and body mechanics. We can help know what's good and bad. Regular exercise is important. That includes stretching. Constantly exercising to increase strength misses the component of fitness that is flexibility.

Regular spinal check-ups Regular check-ups can address problems while they are still minor. Waiting for pain is like waiting for the oil light to come on before changing the oil. If you want to maintain your health you have to do things while you are healthy. Think of regular check-ups as health care.