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Work Injuries

Our office is qualified to treat work related injuries manage through the Department of Labor and Industries as well as self-insured employers. We specialize in injuries to the neck or back.

When you are injured you have to right to seek the doctor of your choice. This is very important because a recent study on injured workers in Washington revealed that the first doctor you see significant affects your risk of having surgery.

Not getting better? If you have an open claim you have the right to transfer your care to another doctor of your choice. In some cases you may also receive medical care and chiropractic care at the same time.

If your claim has been closed and you are getting worse, you can apply to have it reopened. We can help you complete the application process.

Injured a long time ago? You have a year from the date of injury to file a claim. And yes, it's not a good idea to wait that long. The Department will want to ask you a lot of questions and we will too. But it can be done. And we are willing to help.

Have more questions? Check out our pages on Neck and Arm Pain, Midback Pain, and Low Back Pain.