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The DoctorsBruce Hurst, D.C.

Brandon Fromm, D.C.

Doctor of Chiropractic

Describe why and how you got involved in your profession:

How I first was introduced to chiropractic was not unlike many of our patients. I was doing something that was not out of my normal daily activities when I suddenly felt a sharp pain in my low back that shot down my right leg. It only hurt for a moment so I didn’t think much of it and just kept doing what I was doing. I felt pretty sore later that day and by the next morning I couldn’t do anything without someone helping me. After 6 months I was desperate to get out of pain and after being frustrated with my medical doctor for not being able to tell me what was wrong, I called my insurance company to find a doctor who could help me. They recommended a chiropractor so I made an appointment and it changed my life. The doctor seemed to know exactly what was wrong and ended up fixing me before I could figure out what was going on. I was in disbelief. How was this possible? I was determined to find out what was so special about this. I spent the next three years of my undergraduate studies volunteering with this chiropractor, working one-on-one with every patient and helping them through exercise and rehab to get better faster. I was hooked. I loved the way people could walk in with aches and pains a leave feeling so much better. I wanted to be a bigger part of that. I wanted to help people experience what I did from that first adjustment. The doctor soon realized I was meant to be a chiropractor and encouraged me to pursue my Doctorates of Chiropractic. And now today, I am so thankful to be able to pass on the gift that was given to me all those years ago.

Describe the degrees you have received and where you received them and when:

I have three degrees. The first I was awarded in 2014 from Central Washington University in Ellensburg Washington, was a Bachelors of Science degree in Clinical Anatomy and Physiology. This helped to flourish my interest in how and why the body works the way it does. I learned the general complexities of each organ system, biomechanics and even how to maximize athletic performance and maximize nutrition. My second degree was awarded in 2016 from the University of Western States for my studies in Human Biology. This degree dove deeper into the inner workings of the human body and helped me understand how everything works together in our bodies and why. Lastly, I was awarded my Doctorates of Chiropractic in 2017 from the University of Western States in Portland Oregon. The process of earning this degree allowed me to pull together everything I had learned with my other degrees and apply that knowledge to the treatment I provide for my patients.

Describe what you did prior to obtaining your degree:

Before I earned my degrees I started out working in the aerospace industry and worked as a machinist and CNC programmer. My job involved the programming and manufacturing of landing gear components for companies like Boeing and the US military. I soon realized this wasn’t my calling, I liked the work, but I was bored easily when sitting in front of a computer. I needed to work with people and fulfill a bigger purpose. When I was 21 I decided to go back to school and also got a job as a personal trainer which helped me develop my skills motivating and guiding people down a path of better health. After about a year and a half was when I started volunteering as a chiropractic assistant for the next three years.

Describe the history and journey, after graduation, to opening your own business:

For the duration of my chiropractic education I spent countless hours working on a business plan for the clinic my wife and I had been dreaming of. We had big ideas for a giant complex where people could come get “the works”. Chiropractic, massage, exercise/rehab, nutritional counseling and life coaching. We even both spent time working at other clinics to learn from doctors who were already doing what we were working towards to figure out if it could be done better. When we moved back to Chelan late in 2017, we stumbled across Dr. Bruce Hurst, who was hoping to retire soon after serving the Chelan community for over four decades. I quickly noticed something about him that I admire wholeheartedly. No matter what questions I asked him I could always tell the thing he cared about most with his practice, above all else, was his patients. He truly cared for each of them, and a clinic that was built upon that belief was a clinic I wanted to be a part of. The stubbornness I had about building my own dream clinic from the ground up quickly faded away as all the little details in my business plan seems less significant when I looked at the patients as the center of it all. My goal from the beginning was to help people feel the way I did when I was first given the gift of my first adjustment. Lakeland Chiropractic was the perfect opportunity for us to build from. Bruce and I quickly began the transition and have never looked back.

Describe you key services, area of specialty and what sets you apart from others in the profession:

Lakeland Chiropractic is a patient centered clinic focused on helping people live without the aches and pains they have become accustomed to and teach them the habits and tools they need to live longer, and perform better without pain holding them back. We treat every patient the way we would like to be treated. While taking into consideration all the symptoms each person is experiencing, our goal is to look a little deeper to determine the root cause of those symptoms because if we only treat the pain and ignore the underlying problems then the pain will likely return. In addition to chiropractic we also have massage therapy and exercise/rehab. We have two very talented massage therapists who can help speed up recovery from injuries, ease muscular tension, and improve flexibly and range of motion through various different techniques. We recently began renovating the rehab area of the clinic and will soon be adding new equipment to allow us to provide more advanced rehabilitative and exercise services and better serve our patients. Izzy Fromm, our exercise and performance specialist has over a decade of experience helping people from all walks of life be stronger, healthier, move better and live more confidently.

Describe your family life, your hobbies, your community and your passions:

Bruce Hurst, D.C.

We are surrounded by a lot of family here in the Chelan valley and enjoy spending time with them every chance we get. Izzy was born and raised in this area and graduated from Chelan high School in 2008. She agreed to marry me only if we could live and raise a family in Chelan, to which I happily agreed. We love spending time outside golfing, hiking, fishing and walking our dog. In my spare time I love to do woodworking projects and creating wood and concrete furniture to sell and buy new tools with. Izzy and I tend to be pretty busy and make trips to see friends and family in the Seattle and Portland areas on weekends. Both of us are also very passionate about helping other people. We love what we do and take a lot of pride in helping people become the best versions of themselves and being able to help people in our community is so enjoyable and rewarding for us. We couldn’t imagine doing anything else.

Dr. CopenhaverDr. Tyler Copenhaver

Why and how did you get involved in your profession?

I was raised in Kirkland WA., and lived there until my early 20’s when my wife and I were ready for a move. With my wife's entire family living in Wenatchee and my extended family residing in eastern Washington it was an easy choice-sunshine, family, friends, beautiful outdoors, and most of all little to no traffic. In Kirkland I was a resident firefighter working night shifts and during the day I worked commercial construction in and around Seattle. In Wenatchee I did not have those opportunities and so took a job with Chelan Co. Fire and Building. I was a code enforcement officer with Chelan Co. for a year when I decided that regulation was not my work of choice, coming to the realization that I desired a profession that helped people. I missed working as an EMT and wanted to find a profession that would give me that same sense of purpose. It was during this time that I was at my Chiropractors office waiting to be seen and caught myself people watching. That lobby painted the picture I was looking for. As I watched people come in with stooped postures and pain filled faces then leave the office with a tall stance smiling and thanking the Chiropractor... I knew right then and there that this is what I want to do. What other doctors office to you see people come in with such suffering and leave with a smile. With that I decided to go back to school to get my doctorate in Chiropractic.

Which degrees have you received and when:

I graduated from Juanita High School in 2001, National Fire Academy in 2004, Bellevue College with a degree in Fire and Building Sciences, 2 years of various colleges, Doctorate of Chiropractic from Palmer College of Chiropractic (Davenport IA) 2012.

What was your journey after graduation, opening your own business, and coming to Lakeland Chiropractic Clinic:

After graduating from Palmer I had already passed all 4 rounds of national boards and was ready to start a practice, or so I thought. After graduating and moving back to Wenatchee I quickly realized the how hard it was for a graduate student with student loans to get additional loans in order to start a business. After 3 months of working with banks and property managers an opportunity come un-foreseen. A family friends brother was a Chiropractor in Brewster, WA. and had fallen ill, and wished for me to fill in for him during his leave. I ended up buying Brewster Chiropractic Center a few months later and owned and operated the clinic for 5 years. It was after 5 years that I realized I need a partner, some one that I could trust and count on, as it was too much to do all the time.... and then I met Dr. Fromm. Dr. Fromm and I got along from the first time we met, and came to find that we have very similar outlook, goals, and methods of treatment. After a lot of work and time I closed Brewster Chiropractic Center and joined Dr. Fromm in Chelan at Lakeland Chiropractic.

What are your key services, area of specialty and what sets you apart from others in the profession:

During graduate school in Iowa I played 4 years of semi-pro Rugby to help may for most of my schooling. Not only did it fund my schooling it also provided a rare opportunity to meet, train, travel, play, and treat with Olympic athletes from all over the world. Both of our teams physical trainers worked for the NFL and or NHL and provided tones of insight and training on injury management. The way that we looked at injuries was: how could we stabilize the injury in order to keep playing and recover as fast as possible. This is common for any athlete that relies on his ability to perform in order to make an income. Once in practice, I instantly realized that people of almost any profession feel this was, but they just are not used to being cared for that way. A quarter back has to play just as a farmer needs to farm and a teacher needs to teach. I practice full body health care taking a look at my patients from head to toe. By taking in what a patient tells me about their issue at hand and combing that with what their body tells me, turns up unforeseen or forgotten issue that are instigating their current issue. An example is chronic low back pain that will not respond to care nor pain management from MDs with medication. The low back can be disturbed simply by the pelvis that it sits on being out of alignment, but it there is an issue in the foot or knee it will alter that persons walking to the extent of throwing the pelvis out of alignment, throwing the low back out of alignment. "The hip bone is connected to the leg bone the leg bone is connected to the foot bone" a childhood song that has so much truth. As a graduate of Palmer College I am trained and certified in multiple different styles and technics including; manual adjusting with and or without instrument assistance, drops, activator, soft tissue therapy, ISTAM, stretching and rehabilitative exercises. I try to get my patients as much relief as possible with every visit I have with them, and so the faster they heal the faster they are back to "life as they should know it". It’s fun to watch someone go from pain and lost for hope to getting their life back.

Describe your family life, your hobbies, your community and your passions:

My wife and I have been together for 17 years and married since 2004. We have two boys 6 & 8 and I love spending time with them, traveling, and taking advantage of the beautiful outdoor recreations we have here. Although I have been involved with competitive sports my whole life, I no longer participate, but instead I enjoy coaching and helping out with my children's sports as much as possible. Even though my body can no longer handle competitive contact sports I still love to push and challenge myself, and do so now in the outdoors. I do a lot of extreme hiking, off grid hunting, paddle board fishing (salmon are kick in the pants), biking, and swimming. At home I love to work in my shop on my dirt bike, and other small motors, and custom wood working. The rest of my free time I spend working and training with my local fire department as our Captain and Training officer. I have an extensive fire training background and with a sever need it is fulfilling using these skill to help my local communities.

Francisco Blanco

Massage Therapist

Why and how did you get involved in your profession?

Massage has always been in the back of my mind, but didn’t take steps toward the dream until working multiple jobs wore on me enough to stop prolonging entering massage school. I went to the Columbia River Institute of Massage Therapy and had an great experience learning different methods.

What did you do prior to working at Lakeland Chiropractic Clinic?

I worked at Lake Chelan Physical Therapy for 3 years and Local Myth Pizza for about 5 years.

Describe your key services, areas of specialty, and what sets you apart from others in your profession?

Massage therapy is my service. I have the ability to switch therapy types from deep tissue to relaxation based on what the patient wants as well as how they respond-everyone is different. I like to think of myself as consistent. I can apply lots of pressure or not too much, firm and consistent. Having worked in a physical therapy office, I like to incorporate small movements in with my massage.

Describe your family life, hobbies, involvement in community, and passions.

To be honest, when I was growing up my family was not a touchy family, we occasionally gave each other hugs but that was it. As of recent, we are all much more connected even though we are quiet. My hobbies are music, video games, guns, our dogs, rock hunting, bowling, and always learning something new. My wife and I try to do anything that we can to be involved in our community here in Chelan/Manson. My passions are definitely music, I play guitar, baritone, and saxophone. I also often play video games with my friends, it's a great way to stay connected with friends who no longer live nearby, it is fun and relieves stress.