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Manual Adjusting

Our primary method of "hands-on" adjusting is Diversified technique. This is the most common technique used by chiropractors. This type of adjusting creates the characteristic "popping" of joints. This popping has nothing to do with the vertebrae moving into or out of alignment. Popping happens when the joint space gaps at a certain speed. This creates a momentary vacuum within the joint and the lubricating synovial fluid releases a bubble of gas. The technical term for this process is cavitation. Do this faster or slower or with lesser gapping and no pop occurs. Popping does not mean the vertebrae are going back into alignment. While the popping sound may be reassuring that something has happened, research indicates that patients respond no better than when no popping occurs. Instrument Assisted Adjusting: This is a technique used for patients who are nervous about manual adjusting. Patients often remark that it is relaxing. It uses gentle rapid impulses to restore normal joint motion. Patients that don't like to hear joints pop, or don't like the twisting of manual adjustments will like this method. It has the additional advantage that patients can be checked and adjusted while standing, sitting or lying down.

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