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Health care cost in the US

When it comes to health (translate this as 'disease') care spending and life expectancy, the United States has some very notable rankings and it doesn't matter if you include all the countries of the world or just the economically developed. No other country spends as much per person as the United States. A recent study with figures through 2009, reports that the US spends about twice what other countries with diverse economies spend. Yet of those 15 countries the US ranks last in life expectancy. In fact of these 15 countries the two (Japan and Italy) with the lowest per capital health cost have the highest life expectancy according to United Nations stats. If you go beyond these 15 countries, the US doesn't rank in the top 20 or 25 or even top 30. The US ranks 37th. Right between Cuba and Portugal. A solid 2 years longer than you might live in Mexico (number 48) and almost 5 years longer then you would in Palestine.

What can we say about this?

  • We pay too much for care?
  • Health care system is broken in the US?
  • We practice the Santa Claus theory of health. I won't take care of my health (I'll be bad all year) but when I get sick someone will fix me (but Santa will still come on Christmas). And it will cost a lot!
  • We should move to another country like United Arab Emirates or Japan or Italy?

Total Health Expenditure per Capita, U.S. and Selected Countries, 2008

A recent article reports the CEO of Premera insurance estimates the per capita health care cost in the US at $9000 for 2012 and escalating to $14000 by the time the Affordable Care Act is fully implemented.

Vaccine Addatives The number of recommended vaccinations for children has skyrocketed in recent years. With each shot comes other things besides the vaccine. This link is to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention website listing common substances found in vaccines (link). Keep in mind there maybe uncommon and unintended substances that can have a profound effect. If you or your child receives a vaccine you might ask if a record is kept of the vaccine lot number in case problems with it are discovered later.