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Stooped posture. Posture is important to your overall health and enjoyment of life according to a study from the Univeristy of Louisville School of Medicine. Patients with 'positive sagital balance', that is, stoop posture were evaluated for health status. All measures of health status showed significant poorer scores the poorer their posture was. Patients with kyphosis in the lumbar region (reversed low back curves) had significantly more disability than patients with normal or forward curves. Journal abstract.

1 and 1/4 inch height loss related to increased heart attackes. A study pusblished in the Archives of Internal Medicine reported that men who lost 3cm in height (about 1 and 1/4 inches) were more likely to die from cardiovascular and respiratory conditions then their counterparts. Lost height is often related to increased roundness of the thoracic spine and rib cage which encloses the heart and lungs. Journal abstract.

Height loss has a greater effect on daily activites then vertebral compression fractures. This study evaluated the effect of 'vertebral deformity' (compression fractures) and height loss in elderly men and women. Height loss can be a sign of vertebral deformity but other factors such as change in spinal alignment and posture can also cause height loss. Height loss had a greater negative effect on activities of daily living, quality of life and death then did vetebral deformity. Journal abstract.

3/4 inch height loss in middle age increases risk of death from cardiovascular and respiratory problems. Height loss from vertebral defromity was not associated with increased mortality risk. However, more than 2cm of height loss starting in middle age showed significant association with all-cause mortality. Such height loww was also significantly associated with death due to coronary heart disease or stroke as well as respiratory disease death. Journal abstract.